November 5
8:30 am - 6 pm

Sheraton Grand
Sacramento, CA

California Strategic Growth Council’s Climate Change Research Symposium will highlight engagement in research, showcasing best practices and presenting paths forward to advance actionable science through meaningful engagement of stakeholders and communities in the research process. Participants can expect to engage actively throughout the day via a mix of panel discussions, plenary speakers, networking, and workshopping. The goal for the day is to build knowledge in California’s research community on engagement best practices, as well as to demonstrate the role and importance of research in helping citizens, legislators, and communities.

This Symposium will involve active participation by all attendees, through roundtable discussions and an afternoon workshop on engagement. If you are planning to attend, please come ready for open-minded dialogue! The workshop is based on the Thriving Earth Exchange model to support community and partner-driven science, and the goal is for participants to practice listening and understanding local and/or community climate-related concerns and challenges, and to understand how science and research can help address these challenges. Each table will have a mix of scientists, community and government representatives, and other stakeholders. Facilitators will work with each table throughout the workshop and provide guidance. Strategic Growth Council hopes this workshop, and entire Symposium, will serve as a starting point to build dialogue and new partnerships between participants from various disciplines and organizations.

Space is limited

About CA Strategic Growth Council
California Strategic Growth Council (SGC) is a cabinet-level committee in the State of California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research tasked with coordinating and working collaboratively with public agencies, communities, and stakeholders to achieve sustainability, equity, economic prosperity, and quality of life for all Californians.
About SGC’s Climate Change Research Program

SGC’s Climate Change Research Program supports research that advances tangible outcomes, and leverages the State’s diverse research investments to fill critical research gaps to help meet the State’s climate goals. The results of the research will fill gaps in knowledge that will advance implementation of the State’s climate change policies while also benefiting underserved communities in California. SGC’s Research Program emphasizes meaningful engagement, integrating local and tribal governments, community-based organizations, and others into the research process.

We would like to thank our Program Committee members for their leadership and contributions to scoping this event:

  • American Geophysical Union’s Thriving Earth Exchange: Dr. Raj Pandya and Melissa Goodwin
  • California Council on Science and Technology: Dr. Amber Mace
  • California Department of Conservation: Sarah Rubin
  • California Environmental Protection Agency: Yana Garcia, Vanessa Galaviz
  • Climate Resolve: Jonathan Parfrey
  • Greenlining Institute: Sona Mohnot
  • Institute for Local Government: Karalee Browne
  • Intertribal Agriculture Council: Keir Johnson-Reyes
  • Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability: Grecia Elenes, Phoebe Seaton
  • Liberty Hill Foundation: Ben Russak
  • North Coast Resource Partnership: Karen Gaffney

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For more information, contact:

Kristina von Hoffmann, Senior Operations Director, Climate Resolve | 213-634-3790 x108

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